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Welcome to Main Roads WA Annual Report 2022

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Welcome to the 96th Main Roads annual report

Our Annual Report informs the Parliament, Minister for Transport, Western Australians and other stakeholders of the primary functions and responsibilities of Main Roads, the significant activities we have undertaken throughout the year and to highlight specific achievements against our outcomes.

In addition, we seek to show the value created through the initiatives we have undertaken and identify future opportunities and challenges that will influence our business.

The Annual Report is primarily an online document and summarises the performance and key achievements of each of our outputs for the financial year ended 30 June 2022. We detail our material issues and activities to improve service delivery reflecting the strong commitment we have to our customers.

In preparing this report, we have utilised the Global Reporting Initiative framework 'core' option and have sought to adopt Integrated Reporting. Throughout we use icons to indicate the key resources consumed as inputs for our business activities. We have taken this approach as it allows us to demonstrate how we create value over time and the benefits to stakeholders.

In addition, we have reported in line with the Financial Management Act 2006 (WA) and the 2022 Western Australian Public Sector Reporting Framework.

Your comments, thoughts and feedback are welcome on our approach or on any aspect of our Annual Report.

We Are Main Roads

Our job is to ensure that our roads meet the needs of our community, industry and businesses as part of an integrated transport system. We deliver a range of services, projects and network improvements to connect people, communities, and businesses - so you can get to where you need to go.

  • 36,000
    36,000+ heavy vehicle permits provided
  • 62,000
    42,419 calls and 62,000+ email enquiries received
  • 19,000km
    Nearly 19,000 km of roads across 2.5 million km2
  • 36,298
    Tonnes of crushed recycled concrete used in our road construction projects
"Reflecting on the past 12 months, I am especially proud of how the Transport Portfolio has worked together to continue to deliver exceptional services in what continues to be a challenging time."

Peter Woronzow

Commissioner of Main Roads

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"We deliver more than just a road network. Our infrastructure investments build and grow communities around them and the range of services we deliver provide valuable connections."

Des Snook

Acting Managing Director of Main Roads

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Des Snook Acting Managing Director of Main Roads
29 August 2022

Peter Woronzow Commissioner of Main Roads
29 August 2022