BCR Benefit Cost Ratio
CIC Customer Information Centre
CPS Community Perception Survey
DAIP Disability Access and Inclusion Plan
EDMS Electronic Document Management System
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EIA Environmental Impact Assessment
EV Electric Vehicle
FTE Full-Time Equivalent
GRI Global Reporting Initiative
HVS Heavy Vehicle Services
IS Infrastructure Sustainability
ISA Integrated Services Arrangements
ITS Intelligent Transport System
KPIs Key Performance Indicators
LED Light-Emitting Diode
LTI/D Lost-Time Injury/Disease
OEP Operational Event Plan
OSHMS Occupational Safety and Health Management System Principal Shared Paths
PSPs Principal Shared Paths
ROSMA Road Safety Management System
RAVS Restricted Access Vehicle System
SCATS Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic System
SHW Safety, Health and Wellbeing