Commissioner's Foreword

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richard sellers close upIn 2017-18, Main Roads as part of the Transport Portfolio continued to play a key role in connecting people and places, providing linkages between land and sea, moving freight, and providing essential services to the Western Australian community.

I am especially proud of the increased collaboration and strengthened relationships between Main Roads and its portfolio partners – the Department of Transport and Public Transport Authority. The Portfolio has embraced its role in leading both the delivery of the Government’s ambitious METRONET program and development of the Westport Strategy.

Project offices have been established comprising expert teams drawn primarily from our transport agencies. These teams are working in a highly collaborative manner with a range of stakeholders to ensure we deliver the best outcomes for the people of WA.

The Portfolio has overcome challenges, accomplished significant goals and demonstrated an integrated model that acts as a benchmark for other Government agencies. The degree to which we are collaborating effectively was made very clear with the execution of the Optus Stadium transport solution. The high profile and political sensitivity of the stadium, along with the huge public interest and the blockbuster early events, meant there was immense pressure to deliver.

Great experiences are as much about the journey as the destination, and it’s clear this is something we’ve considered when developing the travel options. Whether it’s a picturesque walk across the iconic Matagarup Bridge, a bike ride through the lush native gardens surrounding the Stadium, an enjoyable cruise along our beautiful Swan River to Burswood Jetty, or a relaxed trip on the train to the landmark Perth Stadium Station, there are great options for all. Not only are the transport options plentiful, they are also convenient – proof we have achieved our goals and added to the vibrancy of our great city.

The 2017-18 Connecting People and Places document highlights examples of cross agency collaboration on some of our most significant transport projects. It provides an overview of the Portfolio’s operations, achievements and the trends and influences guiding our work in the future.

Main Roads is a key part of this mix and with an annual budget of $2.32 billion aimed at developing and maintaining a road network of over 18,500 kilometres, the organisation’s position is critical to the economic and social wellbeing of the State.

Main Roads is set to be one of the first agencies to meet the Government’s requirement for a set percentage of annual contracts to be awarded to registered Aboriginal businesses. Through actively recruiting youth and indigenous people, and playing a role in the continuing development of the communities in which we operate, it’s clear the true measure of Main Roads’ success is not weighted on construction alone, but on its willingness and ability to give back.

At the core of everything we do at Main Roads and across the wider Transport Portfolio are our customers and travellers who form our community. Together, we will keep the State moving by helping every Western Australian to get where they need to be as safely and efficiently as possible.

With approximately 60 per cent of the Government’s election commitments related to transport and the importance the Government has placed on the METRONET and Westport projects, we have certainly been entrusted with great responsibility.

I have every confidence we have the people, systems and most importantly the energy and goodwill to help Government achieve its agenda. I look forward to what I’m sure will be another productive year for transport in Western Australia.


Richard Sellers
Commissioner of Main Roads