Our Leaders

Corporate Executive is our peak decision-making body, comprised of our Managing Director and Executive Directors from business units. Its objective is to set clear strategic direction for delivering government priorities and our aspiration.

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Des Snook

Acting Managing Director

BEng (Civil)

Des draws on extensive experience having worked in senior roles across the organisation in Perth and regional Western Australia. This provides him with a good understanding of the state-wide functions, responsibilities and services of Main Roads. He is also Western Australia’s Alternate Director on the boards of Austroads and Transport Certification Australia and continues to hold state-wide responsibility for the delivery of heavy vehicle services.

Des Snook2

Philip D’Souza

Acting Executive Director Finance and Commercial Services

BCom (Accounting and Finance), Grad Cert. L&M, CPA

Philip, as Chief Finance Officer, oversees provision of sustainable and innovative financial, investment, planning, business and commercial services. He is a member of CPA Australia and of the CPA National Public Sector Network. He is the Independent Audit Committee Chair for the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and is a standing member on the PTA Audit and Risk Committee. He is also the Chair of the Main Roads Budget Committee and ICT Governance Committee.

Phil DSouza

Doug Morgan

Executive Director Planning and Technical Services

BEng (Electrical), MBA

Doug contributes to sustainable integrated transport through providing leadership in engineering, project development, road planning, environmental services and spatial data management. He has extensive knowledge in traffic and heavy vehicle operations and his role includes responsibility for network planning and road classification across the state.

Doug Morgan

Tony Earl

Executive Director Network Operations

Traffic Engineer

Tony is responsible for leading the team, based at our Road Network Operations Centre, to optimise performance of the state road network. This involves facilitating safe and reliable movement of people and goods, with a focus on reducing delays and the cost of congestion in the metropolitan area. He has extensive knowledge and international experience in establishing the operational strategy and building the capability to deliver road network performance improvements.

Tony Earl

Neville Willey

Acting Executive Director Human Resources

Post Grad Cert Bus, Prof Dip HRM

Neville leads the Main Roads’ Human Resources function. His focus is on capability, safety and developing a high performing culture of skilled professionals. Neville brings extensive experience in the areas of human resource management, workforce planning and employee relations.

Neville Willey

Peter Sewell

Acting Executive Director Metropolitan and Southern Regions

Dip Surveying (Eng), G Cert (Tech Man), G Cert (Man)

Peter is responsible for asset management, maintenance and project delivery services for the Metropolitan, South West and Great Southern regions. He also has state-wide responsibility for the delivery of electrical service assets, crisis and incident management, railway crossing safety and the operation of the Graham Farmer Freeway Tunnel. He has worked extensively throughout the state, including as a Regional Manager.

Peter Sewell

Alan Colegate

Acting Executive Director Strategy and Communications

Dip Accounting, GBC (Curtin)

Alan is responsible for corporate strategic planning and policy and the provision of timely, accurate and customer-centred communications. He represents Australia and New Zealand on the PIARC Technical Committee on Performance of Road and Transport Administrations. He is a Divisional Coordinator and member of the Awards Committee of the Australasian Reporting Awards. He is committed to improving accountability and transparency in annual reporting across Australasia.

Alan Colegate

John Erceg

Executive Director Central and Northern Regions

BEng (Civil)

John is responsible for providing asset management, maintenance and project delivery across the Wheatbelt, Goldfields–Esperance, Mid West – Gascoyne, Pilbara and Kimberley regions. He also has state-wide responsibility for corporate asset management and regional contracting strategies, policies and functions. In addition to having worked throughout the state, John has held leadership positions in heavy vehicle operations, Austroads, and local and international network operations.

John Erceg

Leo Coci

Executive Director Infrastructure Delivery

BEng (Hon), MBA

Leo is experienced in bridge design, road planning, project management and contract management. He is responsible for the procurement and delivery of high-value, complex infrastructure for some of our largest projects across Western Australia. Leo is on the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia Board and is a member of the Aboriginal Advisory Group chaired by Peter Woronzow.

Leo Coci

Carmelo Naso

Chief Information Officer

BBus (InfoProc), PSM

Carmelo, as Chief Information Officer, oversees the organisation's diverse technology landscape and provides leadership in ensuring it remains relevant and contemporary in an ever-changing environment. He has extensive experience and knowledge in leading and managing Information Technology and his role includes the management of both the corporate and operational systems and infrastructure.

Carmello Naso

Leadership Team Changes

There were significant changes to the leadership team throughout the year as Richard Sellers was seconded for a period to take on the Director General role of the Department of Jobs, Tourism, Science and Innovation. Peter Woronzow has stepped up as acting Director General for the Transport Portfolio and as Commissioner of Main Roads.

During this time, Des Snook is acting in the role of Managing Director. In addition, Peter Sewell has taken on, in an acting capacity, the role of Executive Director Metropolitan and Southern Regions.

In May, the Director General established the Office of Major Transport Infrastructure Delivery and Leo Coci is undertaking the role of leading the formation of this team. During this period, Leo continued to sit on Main Roads Corporate Executive and undertake governance activities associated with his role as Executive Director Infrastructure Delivery.