Every Day By Everyone – Do The Right Thing

Every Day By Everyone Do The Right Thing2

Over the last 12 months, we have further strengthened our approaches to mitigating fraud and corruption by focusing on integrity and prevention through the deployment of our new Integrity Framework. The Framework represents our commitment to effective fraud and corruption management underpinned by a healthy and strong culture.

The Public Sector Commission (PSC) recently released its ‘Integrity Strategy for WA Public Authorities 2020 – 2023’ setting out clear actions that demonstrate the sectors’ commitment to take action and help prevent misconduct and corruption. The PSC Integrity Strategy reinforced established governance frameworks, processes and actions that we had already adopted as part of our Integrity Framework, Code of Conduct and the overarching Transport Portfolio Integrity Policy. The PSC Integrity Strategy focuses on four key improvement areas:

  1. Plan and act to improve integrity
  2. Model and embody a culture of integrity
  3. Learn and develop integrity knowledge and skills
  4. Be accountable for integrity

To test our alignment to the Strategy we reviewed our own governance practices against the ‘PSC Integrity Strategy Snapshot Tool’. This enabled us to identify opportunities for improvement that are now being actioned.Every Day By Everyone Do The Right Thing 2

As part of the actions arising from our annual Integrity Detection Plan, we have been developing and building on our existing integrity data analytics. This has resulted in continuing to design and deploy additional analytics working towards the full implementation of a comprehensive suite of analytics and business intelligence approaches.

We are also taking additional measures to improve integrity awareness in the workplace through our ‘Every Day by Everyone – Do the right thing’ campaign. This is being deployed midyear focusing on the responsibilities and obligations we all have and our expectations in terms of behaviour and conduct. The key message is that integrity is a non-negotiable and is everyone’s responsibility through all levels of leadership.

A significant element of the campaign is based around promoting a ‘speak up culture,’ so that our people feel safe and understand how to report any concerns they may have. By adopting, an ‘inside out’ approach, through individual integrity awareness and targeted training, combined with improvements in monitoring and data analytics reviews, we can continue to deliver exceptional public value and maintain community trust by ensuring the highest level of integrity within the organisation.