How we create value

Our road to value creation is built around our aspiration to provide world class outcomes for the customer through a safe, reliable and sustainable road-based transport system.

Key Resources
Resources Term In Report Capitals What it means for our business
Our People Human Strong leadership of a diverse and inclusive values-driven workforce that is operating in a safe environment and has the right skills, capability and training.
Enhancing Safety, Health and Wellbeing Intellectual A strong culture that recognises and cultivates innovation taking up the challenges ahead.
Operational Performance Manufactured A well-maintained road-based transport network that is safe, reliable and sustainable, centred on what our customers need and value.
Operational Performance Manufactured Improving the mobility of people and the efficiency of freight through a well-managed and reliable road network.
Managing the Environment Natural The environmental resources used in delivering our services.
Financial Overview Financial Statements Financial Sources of funding and appropriations utilised.
Improving Customer Experience Social and relationship Putting the customer and their experience at the centre of everything that we do.

Our Strategy

Keeping WA Moving is our strategic direction; it underpins everything we do as we seek to deliver on our aspiration
To provide world class outcomes for the customer through a safe, reliable, and sustainable road-based transport system.

Areas of Focus

Our four areas of focus are based on delivering value and the future needs of customers and stakeholders.


Provide a transport network centred on what our customers need and value


Improve mobility of people and the efficiency of freight


Develop a sustainable transport network that meets social, economic and environmental needs


Provide improved safety outcomes for all users of the transport network

Our Values

These are the foundation upon which our organisation is built. They represent our culture, guide our behaviours, and influence decision-making and relationships with each other, our customers, and partners.

  • Roads matter – Taking pride in managing the road network for the benefit of the community.
  • Working together – Enhancing relationships and teamwork.
  • Excellence in customer service – Understanding and providing what is important to our customers.
  • Embracing challenge – Anticipating and taking up challenges.
  • Professionalism – Delivering the highest standards of service and expertise.
  • Family – Respecting and supporting our customers, the community and each other.

Shaping future direction

In addition to our areas of focus, each year we identify Strategic Initiatives which provide short-term priorities to help shape our strategic direction. These are reviewed by our leadership team annually and may last one or many years depending on any change in internal and external priorities. Our current Strategic Initiatives are:

  1. Road Safety

    Incorporate changes to policies, processes, designs, and systems management to achieve our commitment to road safety to reduce death and serious injuries on Western Australian roads by at least 50 per cent by 2030, and to eliminate serious trauma by 2050.

  2. Skills and Capabilities

    Ensuring that we have the right skills and capabilities to deliver business outcomes now and into the future. This includes succession planning, knowledge management and development programs; it also includes externally focused activities to ensure that industry has the capacity to support our works.

  3. Future Transport and Technology

    Further understanding the impacts of connected and automated vehicles, Intelligent Transport Systems, cybersecurity, digitalisation, artificial intelligence, and related technologies by removing barriers for adoption or supporting trials when appropriate. This potentially includes studies, simulations, trials, working groups, etc.

  4. Aboriginal Engagement and Participation

    Ensuring that we are committed to the engagement of Aboriginal peoples, to providing a workplace where Aboriginal cultures and histories are embraced and respected and that full participation in our workforce and supply chain is commonplace. It includes, but is not limited to, direct employment, Aboriginal business procurement and ensuring Aboriginal participation in our supply chain.

  5. Net Zero Emissions and Decarbonisation

    Helping the transition towards a low carbon and climate resilient Western Australian economy to support the government’s aspiration for net zero emissions by 2050. We will proactively support actions to remove carbon emissions from our activities and supply chain where practicable.

Value creation chain

Our Aspiration

Our aspiration is to provide world class outcomes for the customer through a safe, reliable and sustainable transport system.