Community Access

Improving Community Access and Roadside Amenity


Improve personal mobility and access needs on the road network.

About the Program

The program provides infrastructure including remote access roads; access for walking and cycling; improved access and mobility for people with a disability; integrated public transport; and improved amenities such as information bays, noise attenuation and landscaping.


Target 90%

Community satisfaction with cycleways and pedestrian facilities is within target and decreased slightly from last year


Target 95%

Major flooding events in the Kimberley significantly impacted on network availability


Target 90%

Contracts completed on budget is below target

Program expenditure $ million 2021438 2022159 2023230

Looking Ahead

Works planned for next financial year include:

  • Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridges
  • Gibb River Road – improve formation and drainage
  • Improvements to the Principal Shared Path bicycle network

Some of these are already underway; visit the Projects and Initiatives section of our website to find out more.

Key Projects

Project Total Project Cost ($ Million) 2022-23 Cost ($ Million) Completion Date Description
Metropolitan Region
Causeway Pedestrian and Cyclist Bridges 100.0 24.2 Dec 2024 Construct a new pedestrian bridge alongside the Causeway.