What's new on Bunbury Outer Ring Road?

The Bunbury Outer Ring Road (BORR) project has achieved a significant milestone, nearing 50 per cent completion. It's more than just a road project, bringing far-reaching benefits, including increased local business activity, new employment opportunities and support for emerging artists.

The BORR project has prioritised partnerships with South West businesses, injecting a substantial financial boost into the local economy. To date more than $512 million has been committed to invest in local businesses, with $242 million already spent, providing significant support to nearly 300 businesses involved in the project.

Recognising the importance of engaging Aboriginal businesses, the BORR project team has allocated $34 million to 28 Aboriginal suppliers, surpassing the target of $30 million. Twenty of these businesses have exceeded $50,000 in commitments, and six have secured packages of work valued at more than $1 million.

A standout aspect of the project is its commitment to sustainable employment. The Yaka Dandjoo program, a collaboration bringing together the Alliance team and local and state stakeholders, has played a vital role in providing employment opportunities. The program offers free TAFE courses, followed by on-the-job training, and has supported more than 135 graduates since its launch in September 2021. With 60 per cent of graduates being women and 64 per cent Aboriginal, the program has facilitated traineeships and apprenticeships, with many graduates securing steady employment over the past 12 months.

BORR has also embraced the local art community by commissioning Melissa Riley, a local Noongar artist, for the project's first artwork. Melissa has designed an iconic entry statement for road users heading south titled 'Djilba,' meaning 'spring.'

“My colours, elements and story are from my family's history that will never be forgotten. 'Djilba' is about memorable lifelong song lines and stories told through my family's song lines,” Ms Riley explained.

The artwork will be installed on all sides of the bridge abutments using concrete relief techniques. With panel installation complete, painting will commence in the coming months.

This project, our largest ever in the South West Region, will leave a lasting positive impact on the local community through its support of local and Aboriginal businesses in addition to creating employment opportunities, and promotion of local art. To get the latest information on the project visit our website.