Intelligent Transport Systems Masterplan

Globally, transport is undergoing a generational transformation with technological and societal development altering the way people travel. We are implementing an Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) Masterplan and Roadmap 2022-2030. Our vision is for: world-class mobility for Western Australians across an intelligent, safe, sustainable, and optimised network. This plan will ensure that we are taking advantage of this global transformation.

ITS includes roadside technologies, with control and data systems used for the purpose of increasing safety, improving efficiency, and enhancing reliability.

Our ITS Masterplan will see us leveraging innovation and transformative technologies in transport to support better outcomes for road users across the state. By managing our ITS we can improve traffic flow, air quality and fuel efficiency in moving people and goods as well as provide opportunities to move towards zero deaths and serious injuries on our transport network. The aim is to achieve all of this while enhancing efficiency without the use of additional lanes.

Our ITS journey has been underway for nearly a decade and our achievements in using it are nationally and internationally recognised. We have strived to meet the needs of our customers, create better communities, enhance customer experiences, and unlock economic opportunity. The ITS Masterplan and Roadmap will assist us in continuing to bring positive changes in transporting people and goods throughout Western Australia.

The roadmap examines the current day through to 2030, and captures important milestones such as:

  • Smart Work Zone Safety adoption
  • Increasing safety on the regional road network
  • Increasing sustainability using “Green ITS” deployments
  • Further implementation of Smart Freeways
  • Key enablers for First and Last Mile Public Transport initiatives
  • Freight performance strategies and Freight Vehicle Prioritisation
  • Modal Priority at traffic signals
  • Traffic Signal improvements
  • Cooperative ITS (C-ITS) strategies and implementation of C-ITS initiatives on the road network to ensure Automated and Connected Vehicle interaction.

To view the ITS Masterplan and Roadmap in full visit our website.