Welcome to our 95th Annual Report. Since the Main Roads Board was formed in 1926, we have operated in an ever-changing world. There have been wars and a depression, and major advances in technology and transport.

The people of Main Roads have a pivotal role in keeping Western Australia moving and connected. If you are interested in exploring these aspects of history and major milestones in the context of our state’s growth, please visit our website.

About Us

We are a statutory authority responsible for planning, constructing, maintaining and operating Western Australia’s State Road network valued at more than $54 billion. We work closely with our Portfolio partners and local government to support the needs of all road users across the state by providing an integrated world-class road transport network.

We are one of the most geographically dispersed road agencies in the world, responsible for almost 18,700 kilometres of road spread across 2.5 million square kilometres.

About This Report and its Scope

This report has information about our operational, financial and business performance for 2020-21. It covers all operations managed by Main Roads operating from eight regional locations throughout the state.

Once again, our Annual Report is online only, with downloads available. It presents our performance and achievements through up-to-date online content along with information outlining and demonstrating current activities.

The report shows what we have achieved during the year, how we performed, the value we created, and looks ahead at the challenges and new opportunities that can influence our business. We detail our material issues and activities to improve service delivery reflecting the strong commitment we have to our customers.

In preparing this report, we have sought to adopt Integrated Reporting. Throughout the report, symbols indicate the Key Resources consumed as inputs for our business activities. Integrated reporting aims for a more cohesive approach to demonstrating how we create value over time and show benefits to stakeholders.

This report is also prepared in accordance with the internationally recognised Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework ‘core’ option. We are continuing to develop to a ‘Comprehensive’ level with the inclusion of more reporting against these indicators.

In addition, we have reported in line with the Financial Management Act 2006 (WA) and the 2021 Western Australian Public Sector Reporting Framework.

Comments and Feedback

We welcome your comments, feedback or thoughts on our approach or on any aspect of our Annual Report.