Word Definition
Addinsight System centred on a network of receivers that can collect traffic data and provide network-wide performance indicators in real time.
Bypass An alternative route that enables through-traffic to avoid urban areas.
Carriageway The portion of a road or bridge devoted to the use of vehicles, inclusive of shoulders and auxiliary lanes.
Community Engagement Involving communities when prioritising and developing services in their own area. This includes consultation as well as more active processes so that communities can help to formulate plans or influence local developments.
Corporate Governance The way we balance compliance against risk-taking as we direct, control and are held accountable for our performance.
Culvert One or more adjacent pipes or enclosed channels for conveying a stream below formation level and carrying water under a roadway.
Drainage The removal of water by flow from the ground or from its surface.
Freeway A divided highway for through-traffic with no access for traffic between interchanges and with grade separation at all intersections.
Grade Separation The separation of road, rail or other traffic so that crossing movements, which would otherwise conflict, are at different elevations
Highway Highways provide connection between capital cities. They are also principal routes between a city and the major producing regions of the State. Highways also service major transport terminals or significant commercial and industrial centres.
Incidence Rate The number of Lost Time Injury/Diseases divided by the number of employees * 100.
Main Road A principal road in the road system.
Maintenance The work on an existing road and infrastructure to maintain its efficiency or quality.
Median A strip of road that separates carriageways for traffic in opposite directions.
Overlay The addition of one or more courses of pavement material to an existing road surface, generally to increase strength, and/or to improve ride quality.
Overtaking/Passing Lane An auxiliary lane provided for slower vehicles to allow them to be overtaken.
Pavement The portion of a carriageway placed above the levelled surface or earth or rock for the support of, and to form a running surface for, vehicular traffic.
Performance Indicator A simple measure that allows objective comparisons such as road maintenance costs per kilometre in a region. This can then be compared to other regions and monitored.
Realignment A change in the geometric form of the original centre-line of a carriageway with respect to the vertical and horizontal axes.
Seal A thin surface layer of sprayed bitumen – a viscous liquid or solid impure mixture, consisting of hydrocarbons and their derivatives, used for road surfacing.
Stakeholder Individuals or groups of people with a direct interest, involvement or investment in something.
Strategy How a broad objective will be approached.
Sustainability The long-term balance of social, environmental and economic factors into our activities, decision-making and investment processes.