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Welcome to Main Roads 93rd Annual Report.

Throughout this report, you will find information about our operational, financial and business performance for the financial year ended 30 June 2019. It highlights who we are and what we do as well as our services and performance.

This report is not only about the year that was, but also looks ahead at the challenges and exciting new opportunities that might influence our business, our industry and the community that we serve.

Last year we received the Allan Skinner Trophy, for the best annual report in the General Government Sector, a Gold Award and a special commendation from the State Records Commission for Excellence in Compliance Reporting from the Institute of Public Affairs Annual Reporting Lonnie Awards. In addition, at the Australasian Reporting Awards we won the Governance Reporting and Online Reporting Awards for the Public Sector. We also achieved a Gold Excellence Award and received a Bronze Award for Sustainability.

We have once again committed to producing an online only annual report, minimising both impact on the environment and costs associated with producing a printed version. We believe enhancing our information through up-to-date online content coupled with information on our achievements over the past 12 months, will clearly demonstrate our activities and achievements.

Acknowledgement of Country

Main Roads Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, water and community. We pay our respects to all members of these Aboriginal communities, their cultures and to Elders past and present and their leaders into the future.

Reporting Structure

We aspire to provide world class outcomes for the customer through a safe, reliable and sustainable transport system. Quite simply this means our purpose is to provide a transport network centred on what our customers need and value.

Our focus areas of Customers. Movement, Sustainability and Safety are at the heart of achieving our aspiration and on delivering value and our services.

Each day and each year, we set out to create value, guided by our Keeping WA Moving strategy and our business model. This report shows what we have achieved during the year. In it we discuss how we performed, the value we created and our plans for future value creation. It reflects our deep commitment to our stakeholders and customers by detailing in our material issues and customer experience sections what matters most to them and our business.

We recognise and acknowledge the important relationship we have with our Transport Portfolio partners, the Department of Transport and Public Transport Authority, through the report title Connecting People and Places.

In keeping with our reporting model, we start with an overview of the year, before our Commissioners Foreword and Managing Director’s Review provides a summary of our performance and the importance of our strategy and guiding principles in what we do. Our Value Creation Model shows the alignment with our strategic direction and how that in turn drives the delivery of our Key Services and Outcomes resulting in the value we create through our activities. These outcomes form the basis of our Annual Report as represented through:

In each of these chapters, we start with our aim and approach, showing how we contribute towards achieving our own and the Governments goals. Some of our performance measures are then presented, alongside our projects planned for 2020 and beyond constantly moving us towards achieving our aspiration. We conclude each chapter with one of ‘Our Stories’ demonstrating a practical real life application of what we do.

Our key performance indicators and financial statements are documented in the Governance and Financials section.

We are confident that our report shows how we are Keeping WA Moving, while living up to our Values, delivering on our commitments and working towards our Aspiration.

Reporting Frameworks

In preparing this report, we have continued to move towards greater adoption of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) Framework. In addition, we have applied the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards: Core option, and operated in line with the Financial Management Act 2006 (WA) and Treasurer’s Instructions and the 2019 Western Australian Public Sector Reporting Framework.

Reporting Journey

We have further considered how to present the value created by our activities, and this year we continue our progress towards incorporating the principles outlined in the IIRC Framework. The aim of integrated reporting is to promote a more cohesive approach to corporate reporting by explaining how we create value over time.

Our intention is to show the benefits to all stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, business partners, local communities, legislators and policymakers.

With respect to our Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) reporting, we have now moved to the GRI Standards: Core option, and continue to develop our disclosure to ‘Comprehensive’ level with the inclusion of more reporting against indicators at this level. This is part of our continuing commitment to GRI, which provides the world’s most widely used standard on sustainability reporting and disclosure.

We believe these approaches enable better decision- making by businesses, governments, society and our community, and decisions based on information that matters. That’s why we will continue to explore our understanding and adoption of these approaches into the future, in relation to our services and performance.

Comments and Feedback

Click here to contact us with comments or feedback on the approach that we have adopted or on any element of the annual report are most welcome. 




To the Honourable Rita Saffioti, MLA Minister for Transport

In accordance with Section 63 of the Financial Management Act 2006 (WA), I hereby submit for your information and presentation to Parliament, the Annual Report of Main Roads Western Australia for the financial year ended 30 June 2019.

The Annual Report has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Financial Management Act and any other relevant written law.




Peter Woronzow
Managing Director of Main Roads
15 August 2019


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Richard Sellers
Commissioner of Main Roads
15 August 2019