Achieving Government Goals

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Our commitment to delivering safe, reliable and sustainable transport services to the community is at the core of everything we do.

Our outcome-based framework uses a program management approach to deliver six Services aligned with four Government Goals. The strategic areas of focus in Keeping WA Moving guide delivery of our services: 

Movement: Improve mobility of people and the efficiency of freight

Customers:  Provide a transport network centred on what our customers need and value

Safety: Provide improved safety outcomes for all users of the transport network

Sustainability: Develop a sustainable transport network that meets social, economic and environmental needs

Government Goal Main Roads Services Main Roads Outcome
Future jobs and skills
Grow and diversify the economy, create jobs and support skills development
State Development Facilitation of economic and regional development
Strong Communities
Safe communities and supported families

Road Safety

Community Access

Provision of a safe road environment

Improved community access and roadside amenity

Better Places
A quality environment with liveable and affordable communities and vibrant regions

Road Maintenance

Road Efficiency

Road Management

A well-maintained road network

Reliable and efficient movement of people and goods

Changes Since Last Report

Our service and outcomes remain consistent since our previous report. Road Maintenance and State Development continue to be the largest service provision areas.

Expenditure by Service Road Safety Road Management Road Efficiency Maintenance State Development

Expenditure by Service

Road Safety

Road Management

Road Efficiency

Community Access


State Development

Road Safety - 9%
Road Management - 7%
Road Efficiency - 22%
Community Access - 3%
Maintenance - 25%
State Development - 34%

Main Roads Service Exp $ million
Road Safety 159.36
Road Management 128.12
Road Efficiency 411.37
Community Access 51.84
Road Maintenance 449.14
State Development 618.78
TOTAL 1,818.61

Visit Our Outcomes for a scorecard providing a summary of how we are performing on a wide range of issues material to our business and our customers